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by Vice Tricks

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released September 13, 2013



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Vice Tricks Louisville, Kentucky

Vice Tricks are a Psychobilly/Rock project based out of Louisville, KY; Described as “Social Distortion, meets Reverend Horton Heat." Vice Tricks began as a way to combine our love of 50’s-60’s Rock & Roll with the energy of 70’s punk rock. Featuring the Devilish Ms. Verity Vice on Upright Bass, Dr. Evol on keys and a slew of cretins and rockers... ... more


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Track Name: Devil Eyes

Demons in your eyes; running from disguise
Stepped into the street and dodged another bullet yet again
Everything has changed and will never be the same
What was beautiful has rotted and decayed

I never saw it in your eyes, but I know it wasn’t lies
Just a mystery I didn’t have the strength to read
I always walk alone now there’s nobody home
But that empty shell… nanananananana

Promises and dreams now just feel obscene
Don’t know what to do and don’t think I really care
So don’t you even dare ever look at me that way
That you did last year

I never saw it in your eyes, but I know it wasn’t lies
Just a mystery I didn’t have the strength to read
I always walk alone now there’s nobody home
But that empty shell… of what used to be

Now you walk alone
Now you’re on your own
Track Name: Drinking Lunch on a School Day
(Mike Petty/Haircuts that Hurt)

I lost track of time and then I lost my mind. I cased the joint but broken records were all that I could find. Songs I know by heart, but words I can’t recall. A scene that I was part of but don’t recognize at all.

Spend so many nights in basements and in fights living in a college town just full of parasites. We took a lot of dares; and we never really cared. I lost so many brain cells- if you remember it then you weren’t there.

Now I’m looking back on what a great sound track
I always swore that I’d never go back
Now it won’t be long ‘till we sing another song
Don’t look now but I’m already gone
Track Name: Lost

In a world gone mad you have to look back down and see the dreams you held and see everyone has gone. Then to peer around, and see it all for shame; it’s such a versatile plain for the literally insane.

I never saw that window as another world, just the people out side like a television story touching all of us in this enigmatic lie.
Feeding insulin to the insolate again.

I never meant for us to end up this way
Times have changed; we didn’t plan it out.
I never wanted this pain on you- now I’m livid with my self.
Can’t see the end and now all that I know is cloudy and the reason’s vacant.
Can’t see the end though I hope you’re there when I come around

With the lessons I was taught I learned to live again. After fifteen years I think it finally stuck. Now I’m on a journey that will never end; blistered heartbroken seas had their fun again


I never meant for things to come to end the way we planned it. You were the one that sent me out to see the world and I don’t regret a single day that you have grown since. You were the one; my hope my dreams my innocence

Track Name: River City

I found you lying beneath the oak tree
Spanish moss casting shadows across your face
I knew that you'd be the death of me
But I knew I'd never be able to look away

The moon shines down through the roof of your house on the hill
In this haunted river city where I'm drinking from your still

Now you've kept me waiting on sunsets- have come and past
But I've chained myself to this place for fear
That if I leave you'll come at last


Now the walls are crumbling down around me
Stones as ancient as the curse upon my heart
And I can not move until I hear your voice
Until then- like these walls are falling apart

Track Name: Metropolis

City lights drowned in gray peering out across the bay
Another night of twisted scenes feeling lost in misery
Sewer rats as big as god scurry under subway cars
Picking scraps along the way looking for the next escape

You’ve got a life of your own
You gotta make your own way girl; make them pay now
And look around this is a city in pain
Everyone needs saving but there’s no salvation now

Neon signs light the way heading down Third Avenue
Broken glass and tattered souls; tell a story to themselves
Had your way with this city; left her wounded and betrayed
Pristine nights of warming haze feeling sordid and enslaved


Junky blacked out on the street; fitting there as you would be
Mystic smell from sewer grates; one more reason to escape
Plagiarize your sorted tone ‘till you’ve grown a little more
Rancid breath and hollowed eyes gives new meaning to your lies

Track Name: Dissidence & Barbed Wire

Everyone you meet has got a story to tell. Some are good, some are bad, and some will drop you to the ground. Was it that night? What happened that night? It changed everything; and you’ll never be the same.

Push it down, push down deep. When it all comes down will you run and hide again? No it’s not right; and you’re not alright. Better run, better hide, ‘cause it’s coming for you.

Dissidence and barbed wire -As you wallow through the mire
Dissidence and barbed wire -Set you on the road to nowhere fast

Ever since that night things are different. This infected need is clawing at your soul. Is it romance? Is it acceptance? Or was it all just bred and burdened from the start?

Burn it down, burn it to the ground. You explode in a fury of violence and hate for your family; hate for your enemies, hate for the people that kicked you all of your life.


Time has come time has gone, but you’re still around and the pain is carried with you everyday. What is justice? What good is revenge? When you’re dreams have vanished, and so you…

Track him down, hunt him down, treat him like an animal. Such a soul should be crucified and executed now. You are powerful, and you’re unstoppable; don’t be tricked by any motherfucker like that.


Now you have him; take it from him beat your point into his skull. Never let him hurt again; never will he hurt again.

Tell the story as it’s told. You have taken your revenge, you have taken back what’s yours it’s time for you to live your life again!
Track Name: Black Tuesday

Started out bitter and cold
Living on a cushy lie of experience and disconnection
Finding out along the way
That guilt can hold more power than the regrets it has tossed away

Turn the key, hit the mark; yeah, it had to start
Focus on illusion, imperfection, and a call to relapse
Bite your tongue, hang your head play the perfect part
Never knowing in the end who is chosen; who was cheated

Black, Black, Black Tuesday
Life is hard,
Times are tight
See the chance to get away

Ran the race; done the time
Hang your head in quiet passage while you’re hoping for a better life
Nothing new to keep you in line
Taking pride in minor protest always working on a happy ending


Hurts to think; hope is lost
Turning numbers in the mind that’ll never hit a happy ending
Turning tricks, it’s all the same
Playing on this broken Tuesday counterfeit to fill another taking

Up, up, up; up and down. Up and back again
Prozac flying off the market to intice another fiend
Live on tea, cigarettes and a lot of theories
One more lie to take you down the road that no one ever needed


One step one, one step two
Now you’re at the door
Unfulfilled and disillusioned
Bent and broken tired bleeding
There’s a ringing in your head
Drives you off the wall
Wanna stop this cycle before
Something wicked tears you down
Track Name: Rock & Roll

I take a look around; I came from underground
There’s nothing out there that I give to care to think about
I’m not a sick boy; I’m not a well boy
I’m just a man who likes his music really, really loud

Everything is golden; everything is wrong
Every lick that broadcast is an arrogant assault
I lay my chips down; I quit the game now
Give me one more second while I go put on another record

We’ve heard it all again; that Rock & Roll is dead

You got a hook now; and think you got a melody
So get to work now and finish up this masterpiece
Tread on softly while you’re dealing with the issues
That have plagued your whole existence
Leaving nothing else to satisfy you

Heard it out now; time is running way too fast
Wanting out now; life is falling out of task
Things are spinning with your training and are leading
Almost everything around to pulverize you

We’ve heard it all again
That Rock & Roll is dead
Not one time; not two times; but it’s your time
Never believe it; never receive it
Cut you like a knife ‘cause Rock & Roll ain’t dead

Final Verse:
Hearing it once again I see the world that you’re singing
You’d trained the proper way, had that look; the feel and the image
But when it all came down; you missed the last train out
You had a soul- they bought it off and there’s nothing left of you
Track Name: Dead Man's Float

Young woman dressed in black
She brings her head up as she looks back
And feels the darkness crawling all around
Wants to know what to do; wonders where there is to go
It’s over now, it’s over now. Now his life has run out.

Now you’re on your own
Your daddy’s not home
Gonna make it through the night
Gonna hold your head up high
As you run for your life every night
Tonight, tonight, tonight…

Ride streets on mescaline
The drain is every ounce of memory; and ecstasy;
A turbulent diacotomy
You wanna know where dreams come true?
Want to know what pain is real?
It’s over now, it’s over now
Now the money’s run out


Time crawling on again; it is that time again
Another victim lashes out
As he tries to break the door down
Chaos is your only friend; chaos is your bitter end
It’s over now, it’s over now
Now the party’s burned out


Now you’re on your own- now you’re on your own again
Now you’ve made it out again- Now you take it out again
Now that time’s you’re only friend
You wanna run, you wanna hide you want to make it out tonight, tonight, tonight…
Track Name: Another World

Hazard Park is empty on a Thursday afternoon
I’m lying on my back watching blue turn to orange
I know the choppers will be coming soon
It’s snowing ashes, it’s snowing ashes

It’s not another part of town (it’s another world)
A place that no one talks about (it’s another world)
Where no one cares my face isn’t brown (it’s another world)
It’s not another part of town (it’s another world)

Forty miles might as well be around the globe
Mansions and Mercedes going up in flames
No one gives a fuck here in the barrio
Waves maybe crashing, they maybe crashing

Track Name: Over the Edge

There is too much love in this bloody world
To deal with apathy tonight
What’s one more pleasure mixed to the fun?
Old fashioned dreams of living to the edge
Take pride from the start
I’ll raise my glass; I’ll match you twice
Yeah, yeah, yeah…

Gonna take off on my bike and ride to the end of the world
Flying over the edge- it’s over now

I gotta new bike and I got a new girl
Things are going pretty swell for me
Time to find myself a new routine

See the pain and drama going on
Around with everyone that we know and
None of it makes much sense to me
Yeah, yeah, yeah…


Sometimes I feel like I’ve seen it all
Done it all then I open up to something new

Gonna take my bike and leave this place
There’s nothing left for us here now
And adios to all you suckers too
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…

Track Name: Holiday

I see myself reflected in the eyes of the man behind the mirror; the one who sees the other side. I see his pain and wonder where his mind has gone. There’s nothing left but vacancy; embedded misery.

He had a dream. He thought the world would keep on spinning. Now there’s only laughter coming from those he disregarded. There’s only emptiness. Nothing left to think, to fight for. Bleeding sulfur, mental refuge- floating in a sea of garbage.

They tried to take his life away.
He took the secret to his grave.
In the end- there’s nothing much to suicide
-For clarity

I see myself reflected in the eyes of the man behind the mirror; the one who sees the other side. I see his pain and wonder where his mind has gone. There’s nothing left but vacancy; embedded misery.


They want to take you on another holiday.
Been forty years and you finally got your way.
You have the answers, but don’t know what to say
So live your dreams away-
Fighting over sordid memories… ‘Til the end has caught up with you.

Running, dashing, prancing, fleeting –
Circumstances worth repeating
Sloth of flying, wretched, squelching-
Frozen in an intimate moment

Bitterness and stoicide-
they are the things we try to hide
Reflected in the eyes is something more than you will ever see